For many a Sixty Niner is a sexual manoeuvre which takes a fair amount of confidence to perform (well) in the scratcher. For us a Sixty Niner is our brother. A man in which we lace our boots up with and throw our jersey with week after week, year after year. A man we respect, and man we honour and most of all a man that has our back.

Explore this site to see who the Old Boys University Sixty Niners are. You can view our history dating back to 1977, keep up to date on upcoming events, check out our apparel, peruse our all-time stats, learn about Jackie Ruru and contemplate whether or not the Sixty Niners are a something you want to be a part of. Will you join us in our quest for the Jackie Ruru Shield?

We are more than just a bunch of blokes who play code. We are the Sixty Niners.